Zero is Everything

Posted on July 16, 2019

With all manufacturing environments, day-to-day work can often involve heavy machinery and equipment, able to cause accidents or even injury. Because of this increased risk, it’s in everyone’s best interests to aim to minimise these potential hazards, for a company’s collective safety.

With this in mind, Houghton is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Zero is Everything’. Zero is Everything is a three-week, internal workplace safety campaign aimed at raising EMEA company-wide awareness of the root causes of accidents.

In order to prevent future accidents, three areas will be focused on in particular. These are:

  • Complacency
  • Distraction
  • Situational Awareness

The campaign will rotate between these issues and will provide Houghton employees of all levels with daily cause to stop and think about the work ahead of them, and how they can approach it in a more safety-conscious way.

Each day, various members of the Houghton EHS team will distribute short safety messages, aimed at providing a daily reminder for collective safety, as only with the cooperation of the collective Houghton team is real change possible.

By working as one, Houghton can become a zero-incident environment, in line with the ambition that Zero is Everything.