Houghton UK: Proud to Invest in FluidPartnerships to Support Clients

Posted on August 29, 2018

We’re proud to support our clients with all elements of their metal working fluid management with FluidCare®, pleased to offer a comprehensive service that ensures client peace-of-mind and builds long and healthy partnerships.Photograph of Absolent A.mist Extraction System

Having provided fluid management support for Honda for over a decade now, we were keen to provide engineering support upon client invitation earlier this year.

The job was to manage the operation of a new replacement cylinder head line on their new production line, but upon further inspection we called in the assistance of Filtermist UK, a leading manufacturer and supplier of air mist filters, to provide a more specialist perspective on the task at hand.

Part of our comprehensive FluidCare® service is to assist clients with HSE regulations surrounding metal working fluids, to ensure their compliance. Thorough oil mist extraction is imperative to both protect staff and remain CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) compliant.

Oil mist can cause numerous health issues alongside posing a fire and slip risk if left in the atmosphere.

The collaboration resulted in the order and installation of an Absolent A.mist 80TF, a centralised oil mist extraction system, designed specifically to remove oil mist from six new GROB machining centres and a cleaning station on the new production line.

Capable of handling airflows of up to 8000 m³ per hour, the Absolent A.mist 80TF runs on a comprehensive three-stage process to ensure clean and safe air is recycled back into the workplace.

Connected by a sealed clip to the central duct system, a fan draws any contaminated air through two self-straining filter cassettes before passing through a final HEPA filter to remove even the smallest particles. The unit was also fitted with a frequency inverter, able to optimise the efficiency of the extraction and improve energy efficiency.

Matthew Pearson, UK Sales Manager at Filtermist UK, is delighted with the partnership,Filtermist has worked with Houghton for more than ten years – it’s a partnership that is going from strength to strength. The synergies between the two companies are obvious, and we were delighted to be able to work with them to ensure that Honda benefits from the best oil mist extraction system possible.”

Installed by Filtermist engineers, the extraction system is fully operational before production launch in September next month. During the first six months of production, both Houghton and Filtermist UK will continuously monitor the extraction level of the Absolent unit to guarantee the quality of the system with Houghton continuing to manage Honda’s fluid management thereafter.

We’re proud to have Honda as a FluidCare® client, for more information on our comprehensive Fluid Management packages, please visit our website: https://houghton-csc.co.uk/services-products/fluidcare/