Cooling, mixing and supply unit

QH FLUIDMIX™ is a stand-alone coolant mixing station. Connected to a distribution pipework, the system is capable to automatically mix and distribute water-soluble coolant with a pre-set, accurate and consistent concentration to any machine tool sumps throughout an entire workshop on demand or locally via a trigger-nozzle. The operator can choose between four pre-set concentrations which are passcode protected.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate top-up mix every time for all machine tools.
  • Tight and continued stable emulsion concentration using innovative mixing technology reducing concentrate & water consumption by up to 25%.
  • Fast delivery of coolant up to 90 litres per minute –7 times faster than standard mixing devices.
  • High flexibility with either automated coolant distribution through pipework system or locally via a trigger-nozzle / hose reel.
  • Conforms with EU/UK Water Authority Regulations.
  • No stored mixed coolant necessary.
  • Comes as “plug and play” system with up to 4 pre-set concentrations between a range of 0.5% to 10%, protected by a passcode.
  • Low concentrate / low water shut-off with warning beacon and display notification that safeguards the equipment.
  • Optimises space on the shop floor with a small footprint and portable design.
  • Eliminates operational issues and hazards e.g. constantly varying concentrations in sumps, manual handling and slip hazards associated with manual mixing, storing and transporting of mixed coolants.

Recommendations for use

The product is compatible with Quaker Houghton’s soluble cutting fluid portfolio. Please configure the QH FLUIDMIX™ to the recommended mixing concentration for the fluid that you are using. For more information, please contact your local Quaker Houghton representative.

Locate the QH FLUIDMIX™ in a position which is convenient to the layout of your machine shop considering main water and electrical supply. In an ideal situation, the system should be positioned in the centre of the workshop to keep the pipework as short as possible.



QH FLUIDMIX™ is the ideal solution for customers with a larger number of metalworking machines with single sumps or central systems to automate the top-up. The innovative mixing-technology using 3 pumps ensures a very tight and continued stable emulsion concentration in the machine tool sumps and eliminates the risk of manually mixing and handling coolant in workshops!


Health & Safety

The manufacturer declares that the equipment is in full compliance with CE-standards.

Technical Specifications
JDE Product Code Pack Size Availability (Litres)
Width/Depth/Height: 1000/1050/1700 mm
Weight: 450 kg (empty)
Water Tank Capacity: 800 ltr
Electrical: 230 Vac ± 10%, 16 A min.
Water Mains Supply: ¾” BSP (female) compression fitting, minimum water flow 90 litres/ min.
Coolant Conentrate Lance: Suitable for 200 ltr. barrels or 1,000 ltr. IBC-containers
Mixed Coolant Factory Supply: ¾” BSP (female) compression fitting, up to 90 litres/min. (for factory supply pipework recommendations please see user manual)
Mixed Coolant Trigger-Nozzle: Dispense mixed coolant locally with up to 90 litres/min.

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