Fully automated condition monitoring, analytics and auto-top-up system

QH FLUIDCONTROL™ automatically measures, analyses and monitors the water-soluble cooling lubricants. The system continuously records all relevant parameters throughout the process. Thanks to a sophisticated cleaning process, the sensors will stay clean for a long time, making QH FLUIDCONTROL™ extremely low-maintenance. Using real-time measurement analysis results, QH FLUIDCONTROL™ initiates quality assurance methods including automatic control of coolant level and concentration.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitoring, analysing and visualisation of real-time data from anywhere at any time
  • Easy to use interface of secure, trackable live data
  • Data visualisation of metalworking fluid conditions
  • Identify fluid irregularities in advance with a mouse-click
  • Close control minimises cost of fluid maintenance and usage
  • Increase tooling life-time
  • Increase quality of finished goods
  • New generation comes with touch screen and isolator switch
  • Can be installed on single sump machines and/or central systems
  • Automated auto-top-up system available with FCM900 Pro version
  • Configurable alarm trigger thresholds
  • Documentation for ISO quality control (10 years)
  • Simple handling
  • Simple and quick installation procedure

Recommendation for Use

QH FLUIDCONTROL™ is an automated monitoring device that provides real-time measurements on Metal Working Fluids. It provides live concentration, pH, Conductivity and temperature measurements, measures levels and concentration of machines sumps and automatically maintains both the concentration and fluid level.


Health & Safety

The manufacturer declares that the equipment is in full compliance with CE-standards. REACh and TRGS611 compliant.

Technical Specification


Water Inlet Flow Rate

2-6 bar

Internet Connections


Temperature rating

Max 60 deg C

Mains Isolator on / off switch


Temperature Sensor


Automatic cleaning system


Power input

230V 1-phase, 50 Hz


Touch screen control


395 x 595 x 212 mm




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