Simple & Safe Bacteria Reduction

FluidWorker is based on UV technology that keeps bacteria in process fluid under control, secures high productivity and extends the life of the fluid – without exposing employees to allergenic substances or carcinogens.

FluidWorker effectively reduces bacteria in process fluids. The fluid is irradiated with UV-C, which reacts with the bacteria’s DNA and makes it unable to reproduce. The bacterial reduction is often very fast, within a few hours 99.9% of the bacteria is decomposed, given dimensioning according to our system analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Treatment without biocides that can cause eczema, allergies, respiratory problems, sterility and cancer – safer for end-user

  • Lower costs – the process fluid gets a longer lifetime and biocide-related expenses are avoided.

  • Self-cleaning technology – minimum maintenance

  • Ensures stable production without downtime – when the process fluid is continuously purified, the quality is maintained and less fluid changes are needed.

  • Easy to use.

  • Stand-alone unit – installed during production.

  • Break down 99.9% of bacteria within a few hours, given correct installation and dimensioning.

  • Reduced climate footprint – Longer life of the fluid means fewer chemicals in circulation, reduced waste volumes and fewer transports associated with this.

Recommendations for use

Product is compatible with the full range of Houghton ’s soluble cutting fluid portfolio. For more information, please contact your local Houghton representative.



FluidWorker is the ideal solution for customers with a larger number of metalworking machines with single sumps. It is suitable for 500-1500 litre tanks with water-based process fluid used for metalworking (machining/deformation) or surface treatment (quenching/washing).


Health & Safety

The manufacturer declares that the equipment is in full compliance with CE-standards.



Flow adjustable

2.4 – 5.6 m3/h

Number of UV lamps


Total lamp power

168 – 202 W

Pump power, adjustable

85 – 280 W

Total power consumption

270 – 500 W

Max ambient operating temperature


Max fluid temperature


Suitable for tank volume (system and fluid dependent)

0.5 – 1.5m3

Self priming pump


Lockable on / off switch


Pressure sensor


Service timer


Automatic cleaning systemYes
 On / off via external switchEmergency stop
 Optional inlet filterYes
Reactor and Dimensions


Material reactor, inlet and outlet pipe

Stainless steel EN 1.4301

IP class


Power input

230V 1-phase, 50 Hz


5” colour touch screen



Weight excluding packaging

Approx. 48 Kg

Exterior Dimensions

420 x 360  1340 mm

Lowest possible ceiling height

2400 mm


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