Houghton International go green with FluidWorker

Posted on May 31, 2019

Biocides are used in controlled volumes within the metalworking industry to control bacteria populations in process fluids. Under EU law, they are subject to the Biocidal Product Regulation and their use is highly controlled.

Once these fluids reach the end of their lifespan, they are disposed of in as controlled a means as possible, adhering to strict environmental legislation.
However, there are steps that manufacturers can take to reduce their use of biocides which will, in turn, reduce their environmental impact and support HSE compliance. Houghton International is an exclusive supplier of one such solution: FluidWorker.

FluidWorker utilises UV-C rays to affect the DNA of bacteria, preventing them from replicating. This means that within a few hours the affected bacteria populations will be reduced by up to 99.9%.

All of this is achieved without the use of potentially environmentally damaging biocides. Not only does this process reduce the manufacturer’s impact upon the environment but it also offers a better ROI than using biocides.

With the purchase of a single ‘plug-and-play’ unit, customers can free themselves from biocide dependency. This comes as biocides themselves are becoming increasingly expensive and restricted.

FluidWorker is available to customers wherever they require it, at cost-efficient rates from just £155 per month.
FluidWorker also increases the lifespan of process fluids by controlling bacteria populations before they are given the chance to damage the fluid. This, in turn, means that smaller volumes of process fluids need to be disposed of.

At Houghton International, we hope to encourage reduced usage of biocides in industrial processes and allow our clients to move a step closer to Industry 4.0 with the use of smart, automated technology.

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