FluidPartnerships Promoting Success: Houghton PLC and Freddy

Posted on October 3, 2018

Both photographs of the Houghton/Freddy Bowsers

At Houghton PLC, we’re dedicated to FluidPartnerships and proud to collaborate with the best in the industry to provide bespoke solutions for our clients.

We were delighted to partner with trusted equipment partner, Freddy, recently, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of industrial vacuums and coolant filtration machines, on a difficult job at Rolls-Royce Inchinnan.

In an extremely high-production environment, with additional requirements to frequently move kit around the facility, it became quickly apparent that a conventional piece of pipework-fed equipment wasn’t a viable option.

Our Strategic Account Manager, Gerry Malley and Equipment Business Development Manager Rob Davey, worked closely with Freddy to provide a fully mobile solution for Rolls-Royce – resulting in the production of two bespoke Houghton/Freddy Bowsers.

The battery-powered Bowsers, able to be easily operated and moved around by only one person, proved successful on-site – able to fit into tighter areas than a forklift, whilst reducing forklift traffic and eliminating any situation that would require an IBC to be raised into a dangerous position, the Bowsers also reduced the overall EHS risk.

Alongside this, the machines are now able to be topped up simultaneously, with the forklifts available for additional tasks.

The bespoke Houghton/Freddy units solved a problematic HSE compliance issue, whilst supporting Rolls-Royce with the desired mobility they required.

We’re always keen to take on a challenge – with a broad portfolio of trusted partners, all experts in their fields, we’re able to provide tailored solutions to suit client’s production needs.

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