Houghto-Mix: New Equipment, First Installation

Posted on March 5, 2018

Houghton International, a global leader in providing advanced metalworking fluid services and processes to aid the engineering and manufacturing industries, recently supplying Blackburn-based engineering training provider, Training2000, with their latest product and cutting-edge development: the Houghto-Mix.

Phil Haigh equipment project engineer for Houghton and Dave Starkie technical engineer in the AMAC with the newly commissioned Houghto-mix unit in the AMAC.

As an essential part of the manufacturing process for many sectors, having knowledge of the latest developments in coolant systems and the practical skills for operating them is indispensable. Houghton’s installation of a Houghto-Mix unit to Training2000, this capital expenditure will allow these trainee engineers to have hands-on experience of working with a state of the art coolant system as part of their education.

The Houghto-Mix from Houghton is the most recent addition to their line of FluidCare equipment solutions for a range of industries, including automotive and aerospace. This stand-alone coolant mixing station is proven to significantly cut down production time and reduce water waste in the mixing process.

Designed to mix and distribute water-soluble coolants to pre-set, accurate, and consistent concentrations as required, the Houghto-Mix is ideal for entire workshops or individual workstations. The unit has the ability to store up to four password-protected pre-set calculations for coolants, enabling operators to switch between settings as necessary while working, and guaranteeing solution percentage accuracy.

In addition to the Houghto-Mix, Houghton has worked closely with Training2000 previously to deliver industry-standard workshops, on both coolant care and understanding the key-benefits of coolants to machine tools and tooling, improving cycle-times and delivering essential machine maintenance.

Houghton’s Houghto-Mix Equipment

Houghton as market leaders to the sector, with equipment installations, and service engineer coverage to the entire UK and Ireland, as part of its FluidCare packages, servicing and maintaining manufacturing facilities, while numerous OEMs and Tier 1 manufactures rely on FluidCare, with the complexities of REACh compliance, the FluidCare offering is now filtering into mid-stream engineering, with FluidCare being a complete management of companies’ coolant, fluids and waste solutions.

Regional Director for Northern EMEA at Houghton, Steve Mayo, said of the investment:

“We recognise that effective collaboration between employers and wider-education providers will result in excellent high-level skills development that benefits our workforce and the wider economy.”

For further information on the Houghto-Mix or Houghton’s range of products and services, please visit www.houghton-csc.co.uk/services-products

For further information on Training 2000, please visit; www.training2000.co.uk