HOCUT 4260 – Houghton launch their latest high performance coolant for the Aerospace sector….

Posted on November 2, 2017

Houghton are pleased to launch our new HOCUT 4260, a new addition to our HOCUT 4000 series multi metal technology platform targeted at general and hi speed machining in Aerospace, Automotive and Bearings segments.

The semi-synthetic micro-emulsion products are based on a high detergency surfactant packages to keep machinery and tooling clean, whilst offering outstanding EHS benefits. All products within the range use our new 4000 bio-stability package free from boron and formaldehyde release biocides. All are suitable for both centralised systems and single-sump machines.

HOCUT 4260 has been developed specifically for Aerospace applications, especially large aluminium fuselage components. It is also compatible with carbon fibre for composite machining. HOCUT 4260 has been specifically developed to prevent staining and galvanic corrosion of aluminium alloys with large parts remaining in machines for several hours or even days. The product is fully REACh compliant and anticipates future EHS regulations and is free from Formaldehyde, Boron and Secondary Amines.

HOCUT 4260 is an alternative to our HOCUT 870, HOCUT 795 B-eu and Hocut 795 SC and completes our HOCUT 4000 series Aerospace offer:

  • HOCUT 4940 for engine & aero components (med & heavy duty machining of Al, Ti, Ni alloys)
  • HOCUT 4260 for airframes (low to med duty Al alloys & Carbon fibre, also Ferrous compatible)

Key features of the new HOCUT 4000 technology platform include:-

  • New technology bio-stability package – next generation ultra-long sump life product
  • Innovative lubricity additive package – next generation, higher performance lubricity compared to conventional products
  • High level of detergency – keeps machines clean and prevents build-up of residues on tooling
  • Free from boron, formaldehyde, SVHCs and all secondary amines – no restrictions due to European chemical regulations
  • A wide range of water hardness from very soft to very hard – products designed to give excellent emulsion stability in hard water or low foam in soft water

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