GKN Wheels and Houghton Partnership

Posted on November 2, 2017

Houghton project manage and supply new wash and central coolant systems to GKN Wheels as part of major investment at the Telford site

As GKN’s global technical partner for industrial metalworking fluids and Fluid Management services, Houghton were invited to support a major new capital investment project at the GKN Wheels site at Telford. The project, which was later named “Project Swan”, involved the installation of new wheel rim production equipment and wash systems.

The investment is being made to totally transform wheel production at the Telford site, with GKN reducing wheel rim stocks from 7,000 units down to 100 units. The wheel inserts will be produced using a totally new process which will require increased throughput of components and significantly higher cleanliness standards.

The new lines are estimated to arrive at the plant during October 2017 and trials to implement expected to start early January 2018, with full commissioning and producing parts being produced in Q2 2018.


Houghton’s Solution

Houghton were asked to design, supply and install two new multi stage tunnel wash systems and a central coolant system for the rim rolling line as part of a full turnkey solution. Working alongside our strategic partners Technowash and Vivex, we were asked to submit a fully costed proposal as part of a 5 year commercial agreement which included ongoing Fluid Management and fluid supply.

After weeks of onsite discussions and meetings, a detailed technical and commercial proposal was finally completed and submitted in August 2017. The offer was subsequently accepted by GKN Wheels with a 5 year contract signed in September.

The equipment is scheduled to be delivered and installed in April 2018, just in time for full production.

This project has been a major success for both Houghton and our partners and has further strengthened our relationship with the GKN Group.


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