Fluidworker: A Statement from Steve Mayo

Posted on June 14, 2019

With environmental sustainability taking centre stage in industry and worldwide news, it’s important for all industries to work together to promote a healthier and safer working environment. The FluidWorker provides manufacturers with peace of mind in the knowledge that their metalworking fluids are kept free from bacteria with UV-C technology, rather than with the use of human and environmentally harmful biocides.

Steve Mayo, Regional Director EMEA North Houghton International, shares his thoughts on the importance of disruptive technologies in the metalworking industry.

‘The launch of the FluidWorker technology comes at a time when alternative technologies to biocides are now a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

The removal of formaldehyde release biocides from fluids alongside a world shortage of alternative chemistries is only further highlighting the need for new disruptive technologies – FluidWorker, which uses UV-C light to control bacteria in metalworking fluids provides this solution.

The FluidWorker product, developed by Swedish clean-tech company Wallenius Water Innovation has evolved after an extensive period of research and development. We’re delighted to be the exclusive global sales partners for the technology, which has already been successfully tried, tested and implemented by Houghton customers.

As market leaders, Houghton are continually striving to provide customers with innovative technologies, both from a metalworking fluid perspective whilst also further providing production solutions with equipment such as the FluidWorker.

There is no doubt that metalworking fluid users worldwide will need to look for more holistic ways to maintain metalworking fluid condition – the FluidWorker is just one of a range of solutions that Houghton can provide to reduce cost, improve productivity and meet the increasing focus on safety and the environment.’

For more information, please visit our FluidWorker product page.