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Basic Data

Total System Volume [Litres]

Biocide Usage per year [Litres/year]

Top-up Concentrate per year [Litres/year] (new-fill excluded)

Current MWF concentration per year [%]

Potential MWF concentration per year [%]

Labour Costs [EUR/h]

Production Loss [EUR/h]

Purchasing Cost

Concentrate [EUR/Litre]

Water [EUR/Litre]

Biocide [EUR/Litre]

System Cleaner [EUR/Litre]

Electricity Cost [EUR/kWh]

Fluid Worker [EUR/pcs]

Cost Consumables [EUR/pcs]

MWF change-out & related costs

Number of change-outs per year

System Cleaner [Litre/change-out]

Rinse Water [Litre/change-out]

Volume Disposed (MWF + rinse water) [Litre/change-out]


System Downtime [h/change-out]

Man Hours [h]

Costs of MWF Disposal

Disposal Cost [EUR/Litre]

Disposal Transport Service [EUR/occasion]

Costs of FluidWorker

Number of FluidWorker 100 to be installed

Run Time [h/month]


Life-time Lamps [h]


Estimated Fluidworker power Consumption [kW]


Your potential savings:

Savings Type

Change-outs per year:

Fill-up water

New concentrate (fill up)

Top-up Concentrate

Rinse Water


System Cleaner

Production Loss

Labour Costs, change out


Energy Costs


Yearly Total Cost



€ {{fillUpWaterTotal.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{newConcentrateFillUpTotal.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{topUpConcentrateTotal.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{rinseWaterTotal}}

€ {{biocideTotal}}

€ {{systemCleanerTotal}}

€ {{productionLossTotal}}

€ {{labourCostTotal}}

€ {{disposalCostTotal}}

€ {{energyCostTotal.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{consumablesCostTotal.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{yearlyTotalCost.toFixed(0)}}

With FluidWorker


€ {{fillUpWaterTotalWithFluidWorker.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{newConcentrateFillUpTotalWithFluidWorker.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{topUpConcentrateTotalWithFluidWorker.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{rinseWaterTotalWithFluidWorker}}

€ {{biocideTotalWithFluidWorker}}

€ {{systemCleanerTotalWithFluidWorker}}

€ {{productionLossTotalWithFluidWorker}}

€ {{labourCostTotalWithFluidWorker}}

€ {{disposalCostTotalWithFluidWorker}}

€ {{energyCostTotalWithFluidWorker.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{consumablesCostTotalWithFluidWorker.toFixed(0)}}

€ {{yearlyTotalCostWithFluidWorker.toFixed(0)}}

Total Annual Saving:€ {{annualSaving.toFixed(2).replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ",")}}

Return on Investment: {{returnOnInvestment.toFixed(0).replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ",")}} Months

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