The First Of Its Kind

Fluid Intelligence Academy

  • Dedicated Consultation Centre
  • State-Of-Art Training Facility
  • Working In Partnership With Training 2000
  • At The Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Centre (AMAC), In Blackburn, Lancashire.

Strategically located near our Trafford Park Customer Solutions Centre, The Fluid Intelligence Academy will serve as our official training and customer consultation centre.

This exclusive facility, led by Fluid Intelligence experts alongside your account manager, will give customers the opportunity to discuss their production requirements in an operational environment, giving customers the capability to simulate their production in similar conditions to their own facilities, helping them enhance their processes in a secured environment.

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Fluid Intelligence Academy


To include machining techniques, coolant awareness, processes, programming a machine and tooling.

Through a systematic and hands-on training syllabus, users of the Fluid Intelligence Academy have the opportunity to receive the same training and development as that of a Quaker Houghton technical member of staff. With a variety of courses available, conducted by a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians, customers and their teams have the opportunity to gain in-depth insight into areas of manufacturing that are relevant to their processes – helping all involved to gain a deeper understanding of the software that’s driving their production.

Fluid Intelligence Academy


Equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery

The latest CMM technology, fluid maintenance management equipment and programmable logic controlling software, the Fluid Intelligence Academy gives clients the opportunity to mirror their manufacturing processes in a secure and exclusive development environment. With an impressive collection from manufacturers including DMG MORI, Siemens, Mazak, Allen Bradley and Renishaw, the Fluid Intelligence Academy is capable of supporting manufacturers with even the most complex manufacturing processes. With full and private access to the Fluid Intelligence Academy facility, clients have the benefit of exploring all the production options available – both in machinery and machinery enhancement options.

Fluid Intelligence Academy


Product benchmarking and technical analysis:

Backed by our Manchester-based Customer Solutions Centre and laboratory, the Fluid Intelligence Academy empowers clients to make strategic and bespoke adjustments to their production, to ensure their equipment is running at peak performance once onsite implementation is actioned. This opportunity for product research and bespoke development guarantees only the optimum coolant is used to support production – enabling for a far more efficient and cost-effective production than that of a coolant that could be purchased off the shelf.

Fluid Intelligence Academy

Process Development

The ability to pick up and replicate a customer process, including:

The combination of pioneering equipment teamed with the expertise of Quaker Houghton industry experts provides the perfect environment for a process of production transformation. Managed by your account manager, with support from our Fluid Intelligence department, clients will be taken on a journey of development, trial and evaluation – with clients able to be involved at every step.


The Partners

Suppliers of industrial vacuums, coolant recycling machines and systems

Unique and innovative coolant saver product with a focus on cost-cutting and optimisation for the manufacturing industry

C.C.JENSEN - the global leader in oil maintenance with more than 60 years of experiences - designs and manufactures CJC™ Oil Filtration solutions

With 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, we supply critical equipment to some of the leading names in the most demanding industries.

Completely computer-based for continuous function without operator, EVALED® evaporators allow high concentration ratios, good separation levels as well as recycling and a decrease in volumes to be disposed.

Manufactured in our own UK factory this comprehensive range of secure bundled storage units is designed for use with both 205ltr drums and 1000ltr IBC.

The MKR Company in Monheim (Germany) has 55 employees who work in the following areas of consulting, development, construction, distribution, services and administration

Wallenius Water Innovation is a Swedish clean-tech company that develops unique and efficient solutions for significant environmental challenges

Since 1982, Vivex has development, designing manufacturing, marketing, and maintenance of equipment for purification and recycling of process fluids within the metal working industry