10 Things You Should Know About UV Technology

Posted on July 5, 2019

The benefits of using UV technology for industrial fluid cleaning applications are vast. Below, we’ve broken down ten of them for you –

  1. Lower risk

UV technology reduces the bacteria in the coolant and reduces its endotoxin, which means that operators and other employees get a safer working environment

  1. Fewer production stops

With UV technology, unnecessary production disturbances due to bacterial contamination are avoided. Tighter regulations at EU level could make coolants with biocides far less dependable

  1. Low maintenance costs

Maintenance costs for UV technology are minimal. The lights are replaced at a yearly interval and may need to be cleaned periodically if the coolants aren´t compatible with UV. Although this can be further reduced with the use of FluidWorker 100 and compatible Houghton fluids.

  1. Fewer chemicals

UV technology means that fewer chemicals are required in the process. Both at a company and government level, this is something certainly worth striving for. Two examples are the substitution principle and EU regulations for a non-toxic environment.

  1. The cheaper option

UV technology is easy on the wallet! The FluidWorker unit is available from €175 per month.

  1. A proven method

UV has been used to reduce bacteria for over 100 years. For the treatment of coolants, the technology is largely innovative, but many large industries are already successfully using UV to reduce bacteria in the process fluids

  1. Longer life span

With UV, the coolant doesn’t need to be sent for disposal as often. Experience shows that you can use the coolant at least twice as long with UV technology compared to other methods.

  1. Better quality products

Bacteria affects the quality of production because they consume emulsifiers and cause corrosion in the fluid while lowering the pH and fluid buffering capacity. By the time these effects are visible, it will likely be too late. Oil droplets can grow, machinability, cooling ability and washing ability can be affected, and rust protection may be impaired (resulting in after roasting)

  1. Cleaner environment

With UV, you get a cleaner and more pleasant working environment. UV technology contributes to a fresh coolant, and the equipment, fixtures and tools will be cleaner and ultimately, last longer

  1. Future production

UV technology fills all criteria for maintaining a safe and stable production. By being prepared for the future, a company’s competitiveness will increase!


To learn more about the benefits of UV technology through FluidWorker, please see our video below, or get in contact with your regional Houghton account manager today: https://houghton-csc.co.uk/contact-us/