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Quaker Houghton provides a broad range of fluid services and solutions that improve manufacturing processes. Our global teams of scientists, engineers and technical service professionals work with customers to develop fluid and equipment solutions to increase their profitability, improve product quality and reduce risk and waste.

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This tailored and bespoke software program and equipment was developed by Quaker Houghton to support our QH FLUIDCARE™ and your metalworking fluid operations.

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QH FLUIDCONTROL™ automatically measures, analyses and monitors the water-soluble cooling lubricants. The system continuously records all relevant parameters throughout the process. Thanks to a sophisticated cleaning process, the sensors will stay clean for a long time, making QH FLUIDCONTROL™ extremely low-maintenance. Using real-time measurement analysis results, QH FLUIDCONTROL™ initiates quality assurance methods including automatic control of coolant level and concentration.

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