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Advanced Fluid Solutions

Quaker Houghton provides a broad range of fluid services and solutions that improve manufacturing processes. Our global teams of scientists, engineers and technical service professionals work with customers to develop fluid and equipment solutions to increase their profitability, improve product quality and reduce risk and waste.

FluidTrend Mobile

This tailored and bespoke software program and equipment was developed by Quaker Houghton to support our QH FLUIDCARE™ and your metalworking fluid operations.

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Eclipse Magnetics

Eclipse Magnetics

As part of Quaker Houghton’s roster of trusted partners, Eclipse Magnetics is the world’s premium developer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial magnetic filtration products. Through Quaker Houghton’s complete solutions portfolio, Fluid Intelligence Solutions, Eclipse Magnetics’ industry-beating filtration technology can be offered in conjunction with a selection of our world-leading process fluids and equipment.

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